Zoe Westwood is a young illustrator who grew up and still lives in the Blackcountry. The area often inspires her work from the history to the dialect. She recently graduated with a First Class degree with honours in Illustration. She loves animals, pizza and reggae music.


Zoe took an Art Foundation course at Stourbridge College where she obtained a distinction in Art and several UAL drawing qualifications.

She studied at the University of Wolverhampton for her First Class degree with honours in Illustration.
Zoe worked as a graphic designer at Design bp Creative Communications before leaving for a job in Marketing at the University of Wolverhampton’s Students’ Union.

She now works as a freelance illustrator and designer in addition to this job.


Energy is what Zoe’s work offers. She likes things that are simple and easy to understand at first glance. She uses a mixed media approach, with expressive marks and colours to make her work eye-catching

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